Old Windsor sites 'unlikely to ever be built on'

Old Windsor sites 'unlikely to ever be built on'

Francis Batt

Old Windsor sites 'unlikely to ever be built on'

A pair of village sites being suggested as potential spots for houses are unlikely to ever be built on, according to a leading parish councillor.

Cllr Jane Dawson, who chairs Old Windsor Parish Council, believes that there is little chance of the sites ever having homes built on them despite them being included in a list of 'edge of settlement sites' the Royal Borough plans to put forward for public consultation.

One of the sites is north of Church Road and one north of Crimp Hill.

Cllr Dawson said: "The only area north of Church Road is used for allotments. They are very popular and there is no way that land would be released.

"The other site on the list north of Crimp Hill could well be Crown Estate land, although we will need to establish land ownership. The Crown Estate does not have a very good record in giving land away for development."

Cllr Dawson claimed the Royal Borough itself acknowledged a third of the sites it has identified were 'non-starters'.

She said: "In Old Windsor we are sandwiched between the river and the Crown Estate, there really is no flexibility."

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