Your Views: What were your best and worst moments in 2013?

Your Views: What were your best and worst moments in 2013?

Michael Owens

Your Views: What were your best and worst moments in 2013?

Another year is coming to an end, and from the birth of a new royal to horrifying natural disasters, the past 12 months have brought their share of highs and lows.

Express reporter Michael Owens visited Windsor town centre on Saturday afternoon and asked shoppers what their best and worst moments were in 2013.

Carlos Bustamante, 49, a sports journalist from Reading.

BEST: My son's achievement of getting into Reading [boy's] School made me very proud. It was a very big achievement.

WORST: There are some issues to deal with. There are problems in Africa, Syria and of course in Venezuela things are not going very well, but you always have hope things will improve.


Oliver Allen, 21, an HR worker from Ascot.

BEST: I got promoted at work. I get an extra £5,000 a year which is great.

WORST: The whole Mandela death was pretty dramatic. I was at my Christmas party at the time. We lost an important figure.



Craig Harman, 22, an IT sales worker from Ascot.

BEST: Jake Bugg's new album, Shangri La. I saw him at the Hammersmith Apollo. It was brilliant.

WORST: I'm a Reading [FC] fan and we were relegated. I think everyone knew it was coming but it was still really bad. It's an absolute horror show!


Ella Morrison, 20, a student from Amersham.

BEST: The best thing of my 2013 was going travelling in South America for two months. I went to Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. It was the best thing I've ever done.

WORST: Mandela's death. I went to South Africa when I was very little and saw his prison cell. It was very sad.


Richard Hayhoe, 44, a marketing director from Windsor.

BEST: I think the Christmas lights here this year are the best yet.

WORST: Being a Tottenham fan...a 6-0 hammering at Man City was pretty bad!



Holly Hayhoe, 15, from Windsor.

BEST: Probably V Festival. It was the first festival I've ever been to and it was really good. Kings of Leon were probably the best there.

WORST: Probably my exams. It was a bit boring but I did OK in them.

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