Foxy the dog saves abandoned Great Dane

Foxy the dog saves abandoned Great Dane

Francis Batt

Foxy the dog saves abandoned Great Dane

Foxy the dog is the heroine of the hour after saving the life of an emaciated Great Dane that was lying abandoned in a ditch.

Foxy - an Akita dog who has lived at Battersea Dogs Home's Old Windsor kennels at Priest Hill since February - was having her daily walk, when she started barking frantically and pulling her handler towards a nearby ditch.

The handler discovered the starving Great Dane cross, abandoned and only hours from death.

She was less than a year old and weighed just 16kg - less than half her recommended weight.

The sick dog was nursed back to health by staff at the kennels and given the name Faith. Her weight climbed to 23kg in just a month and she has now been rehomed just 30 days after being rescued.

Kaye Mughal, centre manager at Battersea Old Windsor, said: “Faith was one of the thinnest dogs we’ve ever seen at Battersea and it was definitely touch and go for a while. It’s amazing to think that if Foxy hadn’t have found her hidden in the ditch she may still be there now."

But Foxy herself is still waiting for a new family to whisk her away. She is the longest stay dog across all three

Battersea sites and has impressed staff at Old Windsor with her high intelligence and good training.

Kaye said: “We really hope Foxy can have the same happy ending because she deserves it so much, especially as she’s been in kennels for almost half her life and has now saved another dog’s life.  The staff here are hoping people will see what an amazing girl Foxy is and her New Year will start in a loving new home.”

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