Water levels rise at Old Windsor lock

Water levels rise at Old Windsor lock

Francis Batt

Water levels rise at Old Windsor lock

Old Windsor lock has reached a water level of 1.46m this afternoon - a full metre higher than usual.

Flooding outside homes in The Moorings, Old Windsor

Although this is still a long way below the 1.80 level reached during the disastrous floods of 2003, it is already well above the 1.3m level reached during the recent heavy rains.

As the Environment Agency warns that river levels are likely to continue rising for at least two days, Old Windsor Parish Council chairman Jane Dawson has expressed the concerns felt by some in her village and in neighbouring Wraysbury.

She said that some still suspected the recently built Jubilee River has led to water being diverted downstream in their direction away from the Royal Borough's major towns.

She said: "Levels at Bray lock are almost normal.

"They clearly want to protect Windsor and Maidenhead town centres but are they being overprotective of them at the expense of communities downstream?"

Flood warnings have been issued for the River Thames from Old Windsor Weir to Magna Carta Island, including Ham Island, The Avenue, Park Avenue, King Johns Close and Friary Island areas of Wraysbury.

Residents in Old Windsor including Church Road, The Priory and around St. Lukes Road, Burfield Road and Straight Road are also being told to prepare for possible flooding.

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