Oakfield headteacher's 20th anniversary celebration

Oakfield headteacher's 20th anniversary celebration

Francis Batt

Oakfield headteacher's 20th anniversary celebration

A veteran headteacher found herself lost for words at her first school assembly of  2014.

Roz Sendorek


Doctor Roz Sendorek had chosen the theme of 'gifts' for Monday's assembly at Oakfield First School in Imperial Road, Windsor.

But unknown to her pupils and teachers had been secretly planning gifts of their own to celebrate her 20th anniversary in the job.

Doctor Sendorek, 61, said: "I had just been telling the pupils about the wise men and their gifts.

"Suddenly I saw my head of governors Carol Watkins and the Royal Borough's director of children's services Alison Alexander had come in.

"They were smiling so it did not look as if anything was wrong. What followed really was a complete surprise."

Assistant headteacher Suzanne Hull stepped forward to congratulate Doctor Sendorek on her 'anniversary'.

She was presented with flowers, a special book that pupils had worked on secretly last term, and a specially carved 'Oakfield owl' - created from the bark of the old school tree which was felled by a storm last year.

Doctor Sendorek amazed everybody by earning a doctorate in education policy four years ago.

She studied for her doctorate for seven years during her weekends.

"You never stop learning and a headteacher should be a head learner as well," she said.

She is married to Matt, who retired from his job at BT and now works as a volunteer at Oakfield helping out on the computers. The couple have two grown-up children.

Monday's big surprise was organised by the school's office manager Liz Hejsak, who admitted it was difficult to hide from Doctor Sendorek the fact the children were preparing the special book

Liz said: "It helped that Christmas was coming and we were able to make it look as if the children were making cards."

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