Charity shop thief sentenced then sobs

Charity shop thief sentenced then sobs

Francis Batt

Charity shop thief sentenced then sobs

A convicted thief cried in court yesterday as she was sentenced for stealing from a Windsor charity shop she had been sent to work for by the probation service.

Ewelina Walloch

Ewelina Walloch admitted at a previous hearing to taking £240 from the Helen & Douglas House store in Peascod Street while she was carrying out unpaid work there as part of a 105-hour community service order.

Yesterday Slough Magistrates' Court heard the 30-year-old twice stole £100 from the money she was taking to the bank, and on another occasion helped herself to £40, altering the paying in slips to cover up her crime.

Walloch, of Oxford Road, Windsor, was entrusted with sorting out donations and stock and was regularly asked to take money to the NatWest bank.

But magistrates were told she had previous convictions including one of stealing from a different employer.

They has asked at an earlier hearing for a pre-sentencing report.

Asked yesterday if she agreed with its recommendations, Walloch said: "I think the report says everything I wanted to say," before breaking down in tears.

She was ordered to start a new one-year community service order and to attend a course entitled Thinking Ahead for Women.

She must also pay £240 compensation and £85 costs.

A spokesman for Helen Douglas House told the Express the charity would not be making a comment until it received frormal notification the case was complete.

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