VIDEO: Minor football injury leaves 11-year-old in agonising pain

VIDEO: Minor football injury leaves 11-year-old in agonising pain

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VIDEO: Minor football injury leaves 11-year-old in agonising pain

A minor football injury has left a healthy, vibrant 11-year-old girl disabled and in agonising pain.

Paige Robard-Brown with mum Nicola


Paige Robard-Brown, of Bolton Road, Windsor had her hand accidentally trodden on exactly a year ago when she fell during a game.

The injury was not serious. But the pain wasn't normal, and it worsened.

Mum Nicola, 35, said: "Her hand swelled up until her fingers looked like sausages."

It took two months, numerous hospital visits and 10 X-rays before a doctor at Wexham Park Hospital's pain clinic finally diagnosed what was wrong.

Paige was suffering from a mysterious condition known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

It can be triggered by the smallest of injuries, but the result can be agonising pain all over the body.

There is no cure but it can go into remission.

Nicola said: "Another doctor told me she was the sickest child in her care.

"We all have a switch in our brain that responds to pain. In this condition it goes haywire."

She added it has been compared to having an amputation without anaesthetic.

At the moment, as a result of the condition, Paige has lost the use of her legs and her left arm.

But on good days she has been able to go to St Edward's Royal Free Ecumenical Middle School in Parsonage Lane on crutches.

Now her friends have rallied round to set up a fundraising trust - For Paige CRPS.

Nicola said: "It was originally going to be for Paige but she would not have it. She insisted on making it a trust to help and support sufferers of the condition everywhere."

Paige added: "I want to be a singer-songwriter one day and have already written more songs than I can count.

"I want the trust to make people realise they can still fulfill their dreams even with CRPS."

She has the love and support of her mum Nicola and loving stepdad Simon, not forgetting brothers Haiden, 12 and Ethan, nine.

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