Windsor actress's TV break

Windsor actress's TV break

Francis Batt

Windsor actress's TV break

A young Windsor actress last seen cleaning up the blood in revolutionary France will be appearing in a different guise on TV screens next week - as a Brummie lass suspected of murder.

Jessica Duncan, 22, of  Bexley Street, Windsor had a small role in the hit film version of  Les Miserables last year.

Daytime television viewers next week will see her in the drama WPC 56. Jessica said: "I spent a week preparing for the audition. I had to learn a Birmingham accent for a start. 

"They sent me some pages of script and I learned them - figuring it is far better to go into an audition room and not have to negotiate bits of paper.

"After a week without hearing I had sort of written the audition off because I had done so many and not got the job.

 "I got the call on Friday morning at 10 saying I had got the part. I was the only one in the house, there was no-one to break the news to because everyone was at work.

"I had to wait till peoples' tea break before ringing them and telling them the news."

There was a seven week shoot and the show wrapped on December 5. WPC 56 will run all next week on BBC One at 2.15pm, one of the new breed of quality daytime shows being pioneed by the BBC.

.Jessica's part is certainly challenging. She said: "My boyfriend is murdered and I become a suspect because I run away. Oh and there is a gungfight."

But every actress needs a second string to her bow.

Jessica's is a website set up with friend Sarah Dungworth - offering support, information about drama schools and entartainment for struggling actors.

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