Your views: Windsor shoppers say how to battle the bulge

Your views: Windsor shoppers say how to battle the bulge

Michael Owens

Your views: Windsor shoppers say how to battle the bulge

A shocking report released last week revealed 55.9 per cent of adults in the Royal Borough are overweight or obese.

Advertiser reporter Michael Owens hit Windsor High Street on Saturday to ask people for their thoughts on what is causing people to get out of shape and what can be done to battle the bulge.

"There's too many fast food outlets," said Willie Robertson, 55, of St Leonards Road in Windsor."

I dare say they could take their share of the blame.

"I've been guilty of it myself but I'm not a big fan now.

The sales manager said there should be more health education from an early age."A lot of us don't wake up to the problem until we're older," he added.

"I think Windsor is in a bit of a bubble," said Hayley Laver of Meadow Lane in Eton.

"It's not as bad [as other places] but it is noticeable."

The accounts director, 44, added everyone is very sedentary and doing less outdoor activities compared to a few years ago.


Holly Laver said people make the effort to get fit in January, but give up after a short period of time."

Everyone just goes to the gym for about three or four weeks," said the 19-year old from Meadow Lane in Eton."

We go to the gym quite a lot and try to eat healthily."

Harry Webster said he thought there was a growing problem with people's weight.

"People are lazy," said the 27-year-old financial consultant from Egham.

"I see lots of people in the gym but they're all doing it wrong.

"The weather doesn't help.

"No-one wants to go leave the house.

"There should be more incentives for people to join the gym like family discounts."

"People are probably just being able to afford cheap food which is not necessarily good for you, but it's cheap and easy," said car sprayer Tom Messenger.

The 27-year-old from Manor House Lane in Datchet said the solution was for people to get more exercise.

"From my point of view I don't find it a hassle.

"It makes me feel good.

"People should be encouraged to do it," he added.

"People are being really lazy and they need to walk more," said student Yasmin Michael, 19, from Egham.

"People don't feel the need to get out and do exercise because everything is so accessible.

"I'm a cheerleader so I do that once a week and martial arts."

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