FLOODS: Criminals stealing vital sandbags

FLOODS: Criminals stealing vital sandbags

Francis Batt

FLOODS: Criminals stealing vital sandbags
Vital sandbags are being stolen
Thieves and racketeers have been stealing much-needed sandbags, a shocked parish council chairman has revealed.

Cllr Jane Dawson, who chairs Old Windsor Parish Council, said: "We have learned that a lorry full of sandbags from the council was unloaded in Straight Road yesterday afternoon.

"No sooner had they been left than vehicles pulled up, people got out, put them in the back and drove off. They weren't our volunteers because they weren't wearing the yellow jackets."

Profiteers selling the bags at inflated prices are believed to be responsible.

Cllr Dawson said: "Apparently this happened twice. We have contacted the council asking them to always let us know when a delivery is due so this does not happen again."

She added: "A crisis like this seems to bring out the best and the worst in people."

Residents in Meadow Way and Saxon Way are particularly threatened although so far the village has escaped the fate of neighbouring people in Wraysbury and Datchet

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