Legoland's Facebook page back online

Legoland's Facebook page back online

Paul Miles

Legoland's Facebook page back online

Legoland has reinstated its Facebook page after visitors posted abusive comments over its intentions to hire the park out to a Muslim foundation.

Torrents of abuse were left on the page which was closed yesterday following advice from police.

A message on the page from Legoland reads:  "We are so sorry we had to remove our page for a couple of days. The removal of the page was requested by the Thames Valley Police as an investigation is currently underway to identify those responsible for some of our wall posts, private messages, phone calls and emails.

"Anyone posting or thinking of posting offensive and threatening messages on this page or other social media sites should be aware that the Thames Valley Police are monitoring the situation closely and we will not hesitate to take robust and swift action against anyone engaging in this type of activity."

Legoland has received abuse for its decision to hire the park out to the Muslim Research and Development Fund (MRDF) on Sunday, March 9.

Far-right groups, including the English Defence League, have announced their intention to host a protest on the day the MRDF visit the park.

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