Flood-hit horse rescue centre needs support

Flood-hit horse rescue centre needs support

Francis Batt

Flood-hit horse rescue centre needs support

An animal rescue centre hit by the floods may be out of action for some time.

The horses had to be evacuated from the Blue Acre Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre on Ham Island, Old Windsor as the floods hit.

The centre had started life in 2002. It operates on a 40 acre farm and in 2010 achieved charity status. Now it faces disaster.

Ann Shenton - a fundraiser for the charity - said: "The stables and fencing, all wooden, have suffered badly. Much of the fencing has now collapsed and the older pieces simply rotted away in the standing water. The stables will have to be decontaminated and allowed to dry before any horses can be housed in them."

The hay in the barns had been spoiled by dirty water and driving rain.

Caron North, who helps run the centre, said: ''Several of the more senior horses have found it stressful being evacuated and placed in new surroundings and have subsequently become ill. Santa, a 41 year old gelding has found it particularly stressful and Mousey who is 30 has developed breathing problems."

A vet had to be called to Flemish Light Cavalry Farm at Guards Polo Club where some of the horses were evacuated to.

The charity must now fundraise to pay for feed and vet bills as well as towards rebuilding the rescue centre once the flood waters have receded.

Visit here to donate.

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