In pictures: Army Reserve recruitment drive

In pictures: Army Reserve recruitment drive

Francis Batt

In pictures: Army Reserve recruitment drive
A new recruiting drive has been launched in Windsor as Britain's volunteer soldiers prepare for an increasingly important role in the country's defence.

The old Territorial Army (TA) sign at the 94 Signal Squadron's headquarters in Bolton Road, Windsor has been replaced by a smart red sign bearing the new logo Army Reserve - as the country's rebranded volunteer force prepares to play an ever more important role in the face of defence budget cutbacks.

The 94 Signal Squadron itself dates back to 1794 and honorary colonel Tony Verey said: "We were formed to fight Napoleon and went on to fight in the Boer War, First and Second World Wars.

"Since 2003 we have had 70 postings - including Afghanistan, Iraq and former Yugoslavia."

As potential recruits arrived at Bolton Road yesterday it was clear they were likely to become part of a modern fighting force, as they saw an impressive display of weapons and equipment.

Already there was 33-year-old Laura Muncie, a married mother of two from Pinkneys Green - there to take her oath of allegiance to the Queen, having already come successfully through the selection process.

Supervising her taking of the oath was veteran Captain Dawn Saunders, 41, who said: "I first came here to support a friend who wanted to join the TA. She left after six months, I am still doing this after 20 years."

Laura, who works as a personal trainer, said: "I needed a new challenge and I wanted to see the world. My husband has been supportive and I'm ready to go where I have to, learn new skills and do new things."

The recruitment evenings will now be held the first Tuesday of every month at Bolton Road from 7pm to 10pm.

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