Airedale Amy's a 'good citizen' at Crufts

Airedale Amy's a 'good citizen' at Crufts

Francis Batt

Airedale Amy's a 'good citizen' at Crufts

Crufts winner Amy obviously inherited her winning ways from her grandmother.

The Airedale Terrier bitch won first prize in the 'good citizen' class on Friday.

Amy's grandmother Martha - a past winner - lives in the same house but is now happily retired.

The dogs' owner Janet Terry, of St Luke's Road, Old Windsor, said: "The class concentrates on what makes a dog a good citizen - ignoring food when told to, going to bed when it is time."

Amy, whose 'Crufts name' is Daielsie Jans Go Girl Go, is 19 months old and attends training classes in Lightwater where she honed her skills.

Mrs Terry has been entering dogs at Crufts for 20 years. She admits she started late but was busy before that working as a waitress and delivering milk in Langley where she used to live.

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