Windsor nightclub Mantra labelled 'violence hot-spot' by police

Windsor nightclub Mantra labelled 'violence hot-spot' by police

Philip Dewey

Windsor nightclub Mantra labelled 'violence hot-spot' by police
Mantra nightclub
A nightclub in Windsor labelled a 'violence hot-spot' by police faces losing its licence after numerous crime and disorder incidents.

Thames Valley Police has recommended Mantra has its licence revoked, and has put forward that recommendation to the Royal Borough's licensing sub-committee.

Violent incidents inside and outside the club highlighted by the force include a 30-man brawl on December 8, resulting in five people being arrested on suspicion of affray.

Debie Pearmain, police licence officer, said: "The continual level of violence is worrying and the licensing objectives are continually undermined, and because of this it leaves us no option but to submit the application for a review of the licence with the request that the licence be revoked."

Other crimes police say have taken place at the club include assaults, drug possession, public order offences, and possession of fake ID.

A report prepared for the sub-committee says 20 criminal incidents have been recorded there since June.

In a witness statement, Inspector Emily Roberts said: "Mantra nightclub advertises itself as the town's premier nightclub. I regret that it has become my view that it is a disproportionate generator of demand upon limited police resources and a significant hot-spot for violence and assaults."

Inspector Roberts also expressed concerns regarding the response to and management of criminal activity by Mantra staff, citing the lack of support from door staff in providing witness statements.

In another statement, Sergeant Tracey Smyth said: "From viewing CCTV it's apparent that door staff do not always gain control of a situation and diffuse it at the earliest opportunity.

"When people are seen carrying out assaults they are not always detained until police arrival and very often incident reports are not filled out by staff following altercations."

A spokesperson from Mantra failed to respond.

The sub-committee meeting takes place at Windsor Guildhall on Monday.

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