Courier fraud in Old Windsor sees elderly man lose £6,000

Courier fraud in Old Windsor sees elderly man lose £6,000

Philip Dewey

An elderly man from Old Windsor was the victim of a courier fraud scam after handing over more than £6,000 in cash.

The scam began on Monday, March 17, after the elderly man, of Straight Road, had an anonymous phone call telling him that there had been illegal use of his bank cards and asked him to call 999.

He dialled a number and spoke to a man claiming to be a 'DC Bailey' from Charring Cross Police Station who asked him to withdraw £13,700 from his bank account in order to assist police.

The victim went to his bank on March 18 and withdrew £5,000 from his bank account and filled in some paperwork for a loan application of £25,000.

He also went to a post office in Slough and withdrew €1,370, around £1,143.

When he returned home, he phoned 'DC Bailey' on a pre-arranged number and was told to place the cash and in an envelope.

A courier arrived within five minutes to collect the envelope.

The scam was discovered by the Barclays Bank fraud department who picked up on the withdrawals and the potential and froze the accounts. They then phoned the police.

When the police spoke to the elderly man on Thursday, he still believed 'DC Bailey's story and waiting for a call regarding the next drop off.

Jeffery Pick, police, neighbourhood watch and community messaging co-ordinator for Windsor and Maidenhead LPA said: "The thieves would have left this elderly resident, not only penniless by taking every penny he has, but also put him into severe debt.

"The local NHS commissioners are now circulating details of the fraud to all their hospital and GP outlets but we still need to do more to protect the elderly and vulnerable in our communities."

The courier was described as black, 20 to 25-years-old, 5ft 10in, with short black hair.

Anyone with information can contact the police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. 

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