Windsor Neighbourhood Plan meeting compared to Vicar of Dibley

Windsor Neighbourhood Plan meeting compared to Vicar of Dibley

Francis Batt

Windsor Neighbourhood Plan meeting compared to Vicar of Dibley

A crucial meeting to discuss the creation of a new Neighbourhood Plan for Windsor was accused of turning into an episode of the TV sitcom the Vicar of Dibley yesterday.

The barbed comment was made at Windsor's Guildhall by former councillor Antony Wood, as people who live and work in the town discussed how to formulate the plan.

The meeting was always going to be a difficult one, following the disbanding of the old forum that was originally preparing a Central Windsor Neighbourhood Plan. A majority of its members decided to start again with the Dedworth and Clewer areas of the town included.

After an hour of heated discussion last week Mr Wood warned: ""This is in danger of becoming like the Vicar of Dibley" - a reference to the humorously endless council meetings in the popular TV sitcom.

But finally a potential formula was hammered out. It will involve creating two plans - a Central Windsor business plan and a Windsor Neighbourhood plan.

The first could be voted on by businesses in the centre of town as well as residents. The second plan would cover the whole of the town outside the main centre. It would only be voted on by residents.

Claire Milne, chairman of Boltons Residents Association, co-chaired last night's meeting. Afterwards she said: "It could easily degenerate but I don't think it will if we can work together to make it succeed."

The proposal will now go to the Royal Borough to see if it conforms to legal requirements, after which the new Neighbourhood Plan forum will become a legally recognised entity in June.

If it all comes together, the two neighbourhood plans should be ready by December.

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