Mantra nightclub accused of failing to report 'criminal activities'

Mantra nightclub accused of failing to report 'criminal activities'

Philip Dewey

Mantra nightclub accused of failing to report 'criminal activities'
Mantra nightclub in Bridgewater Way.

The head of security at Windsor nightclub Mantra admitted telling staff not to use community radio to report incidents outside of the club's remit.

The comments came at a Royal Borough licensing panel sub-committee meeting today after a member of the Windsor Street Angels complained to the police that a Mantra doorman had shouted at her.

She was in the process of reporting an incident where clubgoers had lashed out at a passerby outside the club.

Mantra faces losing its licence after reports of anti-social behaviour, fighting and drug taking place outside the club.

A witness statement provided by the Street Angel, who was not named, stated that a Mantra doorman had shouted at her saying 'What are you doing?' and 'you silly girl' for reporting the incident on the radio.

The doorman then apologised and said he had shouted because 'door staff had been instructed to have a complete blockage on all radio use' due to press coverage and police recording incidents.

Speaking at the panel meeting, at Windsor Guildhall, Martin Fox, company director of Frontline Security, said: "Those words have been misinterpreted, due to previous experiences I have told the staff not to report incidents that have nothing to do with Mantra because it can be used against the club."

Responding, Cllr Phill Bicknell (Con, Park), chairman of the licensing panel sub-committee, said: "Could it be construed that you’re not helping the community by reporting criminal activities which have nothing to do with Mantra? If that's what you are saying it will go against Mantra's reputation."

Mr Fox replied that the practice had been 'standard practice' throughout the security trade and was unaware they were doing anything wrong, but added his staff had a duty to report criminal behaviour.

Club owner Ricardo Monty and club manager Anthony Connor said they were unaware the policy had been put in place.

The meeting continues tomorrow.

Read a report from day one of the review here.

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