Home needed for Ella the 20-year-old cat

Home needed for Ella the 20-year-old cat

Francis Batt

Home needed for Ella the 20-year-old cat

A famous cats'  home is looking for someone to take care of its oldest resident.

Elderly Ella, 20, is back at Battersea Dogs and Cats home at Priest Hill, Old Windsor - five years after being rehoused during her last stay when she was 15. 

Sadly her latest owner is ill and now Ella needs a new home again.

The average life expectancy of a cat is 12 to 15 and this grey tabby is well past that.

Tamara Willis, Battersea Old Windsor’s senior cat rehomer said: “After a few checks we discovered that Ella is actually the oldest cat we’ve ever had at Old Windsor, making her a real record breaker. 

"We’re all doubly determined to find the perfect home, especially as she’s so spritely for her age."

For more information on older cats, visit the Battersea website at www.battersea.org.uk email bow.rehomers@battersea.org.uk or call 01784 494443.

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