Anger over 'sewage lagoons' left over from flooding

Anger over 'sewage lagoons' left over from flooding

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Anger over 'sewage lagoons' left over from flooding
Ham Island during the winter floods.

An angry islander who suffered through the winter floods says that two massive sewage 'lakes' dumped by Thames Water are causing renewed misery to him and his neighbours.

Bill Markham, 50 of Ham Island, Old Windsor, says that sewage dumped into two 'sewage lagoons' as an emergency measure at the height of the flooding are still there five months later at the height of summer.

He said the 'lagoons' were field areas surrounded by earth bunds. He said: "It is still rotting and festering.

"Thames, they have said they mean to plough it over but nothing has happened. They have claimed it was a temporary measure during excess rainfall.

"I would not classify half a year as temporary. The smell depends on the wind but further down it is horrendous.

"What really concerns me is that this festering sewage is in direct contact with ground water which must lead into the Thames. Thames Water are just obstructive when I complain."

A spokesman for Thames Water said that Mr Markham was being kept up to date about the 'storm fields' - the official name for the 'lagoons'.

She said: "Basically we can’t get a machine on it to plough it while the ground is still wet or it will just sink, so we need to wait for the ground to harden up a bit before we can plough it. Although we’ve not had lots of heavy rain recently, groundwater is still a factor so the soil is still very wet once you get under the very top layer."

A letter sent to Mr Markham promises: "As soon as it’s safe to use heavy machinery on the field, we’ll get this work done.”

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