Rice disaster doesn't stop junior Masterchefs

Rice disaster doesn't stop junior Masterchefs

Francis Batt

Rice disaster doesn't stop junior Masterchefs

A Junior Masterchef contest took place at St Peter's CE Middle School in Old Windsor.

Pupils at the school in Crimp Hill Road, battled it out under the watchful eye of judge Luke Frost - a top chef at Ascot's Cowarth Park Hotel in Blacknest Road.

But after an hour-and-a-half of frantic cooking one of the year eight teams realised a disaster had occurred.

School governor and teaching assistant Emma Wood said: "They had forgotten to cook the rice.

"They were dishing up the curry by the time they realised. But Luke was so nice, he just said 'we will ignore that' and they ended up the winning team in the year eight category because the curry was so good."

A total of 15 children from the school made up five teams of three each.

A winning team was chosen from year seven and year eight.

Each team had to bring in their own ingredients and prepare a meal for just £15 at the competition on Thursday, June 12.

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