3D painting housed at Windsor gallery becomes YouTube hit

3D painting housed at Windsor gallery becomes YouTube hit

Philip Dewey

3D painting housed at Windsor gallery becomes YouTube hit

A 3D painting housed at a Windsor art gallery has gone viral after a YouTube clip of the picture racked up more than two million views in a week.

Gallery director Micky Middleton with the 3D artwork 'Zebra'


Scores of tourists and visitors have flocked to the Gallery at Ice, in High Street, to see the artwork called Zebra after a Danish art lover posted the video to the website on Monday, June 30.

The gallery has been contacted by media from around the world, including US television channel ABC, which has asked to feature the artwork.

Gallery director Micky Middleton said: "We are absolutely amazed by the reaction to the painting and the amount of attention we have received around the world has been extraordinary.

"We've had tourists who have come from as far away as Germany to see the painting after hearing about it on Facebook, so it's been really good for the gallery to have that exposure."

Maidenhead-based artist Brian Weavers created the piece, categorised as a 'reverspective', over a year at his home studio in Manor Road.

Reverspectives are described as an optical illusion on a 3D surface where the parts of the picture which seem furthest away are in fact the nearest.

Brian, 82, said: "It's a technique created by using a series of pyramids which stick out to make it look like the scene is coming towards you.

"When you move your head, the whole painting moves from side to side and it's quite unusual, which might be the attraction for a lot of people."

He added he was 'very pleased' with the reception to the painting, but admitted to being slightly bemused by the amount of attention it had received online.

Zebra can be viewed at the Gallery at Ice as part of an exhibition showcasing Brian's work called 3D Art.

The exhibition closes on July 24.

Watch the video below.

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