Windsor night market postponed until September

Windsor night market postponed until September

Katherine Denham

Windsor night market postponed until September

The Windsor night market has been postponed until September due to a clash with the daytime market and a problem with licensing.

Jeff Lloyd at the Maidenhead night market.


The date for the market, which had previously been set to go ahead on Saturday – a week after the Maidenhead night market – has been pushed back to September 13.

Windsor town manager Paul Roach said there was an issue with the crossover between the daytime independent food market in the day closing up in Peascod Street as the night market gets going.

He also said there was a risk they might not be able to get a licence for the bar in time for the weekend.

 “We want the first night market to be the best it can be, rather than just squeezing it in,” he said.

“Even two weeks ago we thought we could manage it, but looking at the finer details we decided it was too difficult to manage both markets safely.

“It’s not a decision that has been taken lightly and we are not in the habit of postponing events.”

Organiser of the event Jeff Lloyd said: “I think it’s a wise decision to postpone the market because we can’t just gamble that everything will be in place.

“I also think it’s good that a new date has been set so that people don’t get the wrong idea and think it’s been cancelled.”

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