Donation point set up to send toys to children of Gaza

Donation point set up to send toys to children of Gaza

Francis Batt

Donation point set up to send toys to children of Gaza

A father of two has teamed up with Dedworth's vicar to provide a donation point for toys to cheer suffering children in wartorn Gaza.

Patrick McGlynn, 52, a relief teacher of Stonebridge Field, Eton says he was inspired by the constant reports of the carnage on the news which left him feeling helpless.

Then his brother in Dublin told him about the Toys for Gaza campaign started by a man called Ahmed Salti in London. Mr Salti, whose parents are Palestinian, started the campaign on his own. But word soon spread through the internet, taken up by people across the country.

Patrick said: "I could not store toys in my flat so I contacted Louise Brown, the vicar of All Saints Church in Dedworth and she agreed to have a donation point there.

"We are after soft toys in good condition, comfort blankets, tricycles. The sort of thing that can enrich a child's life but would be taken for granted here.

"This is not political. Children are not terrorists.

"If a child has a teddy bear he can hug him and make things better.

"It can become a symbol of the fact that you aren't forgotten."

Electric toys or toys with batteries are not wanted as there is no electricity to power them in Gaza.

Patrick has spoken to Mr Salti who believes the toys can be safely delivered by sea - a collection from All Saints will take place at the end of the month.

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