Boys School GCSE results

Boys School GCSE results

Francis Batt

Students and staff at The Windsor Boys School in Maidenhead Road are celebrating an 80 per cent GCSE pass rate with A* to C grades.

But the key figure of five or more passes with English and maths was less than expected at 59 per cent.

Headteacher Gavin Henderson is concerned that changes made to the English qualification this year may have contributed to this and said he means to carry out a thorough analysis of the results.

He said: "Some pupils getting A and A* grades elsewhere only got Ds for English."

But there was good news as well.

More than 25 students gained mostly A grades including Constantine Zahariev who was awarded eight  A* and two A grades and Markus Mannerkoski who got seven A*, two A and two B grades. 

Sam Butler, Aiden Rogers and Arthur Smith all got 5 A* and five A grades and one B.

Mr Henderson said: "Congratulations are due to all the students who performed really well."


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