Night-time economy licensing campaign backed by Royal Borough

Night-time economy licensing campaign backed by Royal Borough

Katherine Denham

Night-time economy licensing campaign backed by Royal Borough

A national campaign to reform licensing laws to allow businesses more flexibility and improve the night-time economy has been backed by Royal Borough councillors.

At a cabinet meeting last night, Cllr David Hilton (Con, Ascot and Cheapside) said: “Currently the licensing laws block the interests of club owners, club goers and local residents.

“We want new clear criteria to be transparent and uncomplicated.”

Part of the new licensing objective also pledges to protect public health by reducing crime and noise disturbances.

Also discussed by councillors at the Windsor Guildhall was an extension of a ‘vanguard’ initiative for 11 libraries around the borough to open on Sundays.

Due to the success of the six month pilot scheme, councillors agreed to extend the Sunday openings to March 2015.

Cllr Simon Dudley (Con, Riverside) said: “The success of this scheme is fantastic news and it wouldn’t be possible without the volunteers.”

Also discussed by the panel:

  • Windsor is to be divided into different neighbourhood areas: a central Windsor business neighbourhood area and a Windsor neighbourhood area because of the conflicting interests of non-domestic ratepayers and residents. A report proposes that Alexandra Gardens and the Goswells become part of the central Windsor business area because it is a hub for tourism.
  • Councillors agreed to extend a £1.6m contract with Caterlink to July 2016 to provide children in the borough with free school meals.
  • The council’s savings were also discussed. Cllr David Coppinger (Con, Bray) said: “This will be the third year of savings that we have been responsible for and we are not cutting a single service.
    “This is about improving the services and making them run more efficiently.”

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