Girls raise £4k for cancer research

Girls raise £4k for cancer research

Francis Batt

Girls raise £4k for cancer research

Five girls from Windsor joined 6,000 others in Battersea Park at the weekend as they walked 13 miles to raise money for cancer research.

Alison Grime, 41, a married freelance PR consultant who lives in Devereux Road, said: "We all thought it would be great idea to give ourselves a challenge and raise some money for this worthy charity. At present we have achieved £4,200 with still more to come."

Joining her on Saturday (September 29) were Ali Kearney, 42, of Albany Road who is married and works for Centrica, Bryony Carter, 50, who is married, works for Fujitsu and lives in Beaumont Road, Lesley Tedbury, 49, a married teacher who lives in St Mark's Road, plus Georgie Gibson, 37 who works in British Airways and whose partner lives in Windsor.

The 'just giving' site is still open - - if anyone would like to donate

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