Mean thieves can't stop fund raising

Mean thieves can't stop fund raising

Francis Batt

Mean thieves who stole a charity box full of money for a little girl's operation have cast a shadow over a triumphant fund raising weekend.

But their cruel act will never spoil happy memories of Saturday afternoon (September 29) when musician Royston Thomas, 49,  sacrificed his lush rasta locks at the Alma pub in Springfield Road, Windsor - raising £1,340 towards helping six-year-old Vivi Gregory-Osborne to walk.

Vivi suffers from a condition called spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Her mum Helen, of York Avenue, wants her to have the pioneering operation that is not yet generally available on the National Health.

A charity box filled with money for Vivi was stolen overnight Saturday when burglars crowbarred the back door of GOGOs coffee shop owned by Greg and Gay Orlandini in Dedworth Road. They also stole food and cash from the till.

But on a happier note - onlookers at the Alma pub in Springfield Road had cheered earlier in the day as Royston's treasured locks hit the floor to raise money for Vivi's operation. They had taken him 12 years to grow. But Royston said: "There was not a lot of point being sad. You have to move on. They had to come off at some point so why not in a good cause."

Watching as the locks came off were Royston's mum Aurelia, brother Gavin and sister Pippa. Aurelia was particularly pleased to see the back of the locks.

Said Royston: "She hated them."

The campaign for Vivi's operation needs to raise £50,000 and half has already been raised. A happy Helen said: "We know Royston £1,340 but it should come to more - there are several drunken IOUs in the bucket."



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