Pub axe attacker jailed for 16 months

Pub axe attacker jailed for 16 months

Francis Batt

Pub axe attacker jailed for 16 months

A punter who attacked a man with an axe and knife inside a pub opposite his Windsor home has been jailed for 16 months.

Robert Halligan was sentenced at Reading Crown Court this morning after the the unprovoked attack.

Halligan, of Clewer Hill Road, had already admitted two counts of possession of dangerous weapons in the attack at The Sebastopol pub in Clewer Hill Road on April 27, and had pleaded guilty to unlawfully wounding Decimus McNulty.

Judge John Reddihough told the 49-year-old that he had seriously cut the hand of the landlord, leading to long term consequences.

He said: "You were drunk. You deliberately went home to collect an axe and a knife and you went back to the pub, intent on confrontation.

"You went into a crowded public bar with two weapons intent on using them. Fortunately there were a number of people in the pub who were able to take them off you."

The 16 months will include the time Halligan has spent in custody since April. The judge also told him that while he was in custody he hoped he could sort out his drink problems.

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