Parents hit by shock nursery closure after plumbing disaster

Parents hit by shock nursery closure after plumbing disaster

Francis Batt

Parents hit by shock nursery closure after plumbing disaster
Kelly Ayling and Aiden

Angry and bemused parents have been left stranded by the sudden closure of a private nursery.

Wrap Around Childcare, in William Street, Windsor, shut suddenly after a plumbing disaster flooded the building.

Nicky Mitchell, of Hemwood Road, whose children Dexter, four, and Louis, two, went to Wrap Around, saw water pouring down the stairs as she walked past on Saturday, October 27.

She later found a message on her email at work sent by the nursery's owner Seema Mann, saying that it was closed due to unforeseen circumstances and that she would be kept informed.

But Mrs Mitchell says that many parents did not receive the message and that no-one has been able to contact Ms Mann since.

She said: "Parents were literally arriving on the doorstep having to ask adjoining businesses did they know why the nursery was shut. As you can imagine the anger among parents is growing daily."

The nursery has now been shut for nearly two weeks.

Kelly Ayling, of St Leonard's Road, Windsor has had to give up the job as a general assistant at Regus business centre in Thames Street, because she cannot find anyone to look after her two-year-old son Aiden.

Jakke Lamminen, of Clarence Road, said he and his wife Maarit both had to take time off work to find a new nursery for three-year-old Matilda after Wrap Around closed.

He said: "We had paid all November's £700 fees and a £140 deposit so we are out of pocket."

The Express was unable to contact Seema Mann as it went to press.

The Royal Borough Early Years children's department has become involved in the drama surrounding the sudden closure of Wrap Around nursery.

A spokesman from the Royal Borough confirmed on Wednesday that the authority had been contacted by a 'representative' of owner Seema Mann, giving it permission to collect keys from the landlord and recover children’s records and belongings left in the nursery building.

It is believed that 26 children had property inside the building and parents wanting to reclaim items should phone the borough on 01628 796684 or email

The Royal Borough spokesman said: "We are supporting parents to help them in their efforts to find alternative childcare arrangements."

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