Maidenhead Road car crash adds to call for roundabout

Maidenhead Road car crash adds to call for roundabout

Francis Batt

Maidenhead Road car crash adds to call for roundabout

A car has crashed this afternoon on the exact spot where neighbours have been fighting for the return of a mini-roundabout.

It landed up in the middle of a temporary zebra crossing on the site on Maidenhead Road in Windsor at the junction with Mill Lane, careering over the small raised plastic island in the middle of the road and squashing the yellow plastic bollard.

Carol Meakin who lives just off Mill Lane in Swan Terrace took the picture on the left of the car at 3.15pm - moments after the accident.

She said: "You can see the yellow bollard sticking out the bottom of the car. That could be a child - we must get a proper roundabout back to physically control the speed of traffic."

Campaigners in the road were furious when the old mini-roundabout  was removed to make way for Olympic traffic in the summer. The Royal Borough will not replace it but is offering residents the choice of a much smaller, domed mini-roundabout or no roundabout at all.

The authority has promised a traffic light controlled pedestrian and cycle crossing on the site - but Mrs Meakin says the accident shows how vital a substantial mini-roundabout, similar to the one that was removed, is needed.

She said: "Last week a little lad from Mill lane was knocked over on this same crossing.

"He was on the crossing with his mum and a car shot past and knocked the little lad over hitting him on his shoulder, again showing the traffic is flowing too fast at this junction."

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