Windsor Castle fire: Share your memories on 20-year anniversary

Windsor Castle fire: Share your memories on 20-year anniversary

Francis Batt

Windsor Castle fire: Share your memories on 20-year anniversary

Anyone who was in Windsor 20 years ago next Tuesday will remember it as if it was yesterday. The Windsor Castle fire appeared on television screens all over the world.


Windsor Castle was up in flames 20 years ago. The anniversary is on Tuesday


Veteran Express journalist Francis Batt was among the thousands from all over the world who converged on the scene. He remembers journalists were directed into a grassy embankment area only about 100 yards away from where the blaze was at its height. 

Firefighter Mick Rowley,  who had been looking forward to a day off duty, was also at the scene.

He said: "Living in Windsor I became aware of quite a commotion. I wondered into Peascod Street about 12.30pm and could see a pall of smoke rising out of the castle." 

Mick immediately forgot his day and joined them. He made several return visits as different shifts patrolled the ruined areas of the castle, checking for blazing embers.

Mick said: "It was an eerie sight to see by torchlight, checking the blackened ruins."

What are your memories of the Windsor Castle fire in 1992?

Your Express wants to create a montage of your pictures from the fire.

We also want your memories. Where were you when you heard about the fire in the town? Share your reaction and your memories with us online so we can piece all your thoughts together for a special feature next week.

You can share your memories with us in so many ways.

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