Is Prince William your favourite royal?

Is Prince William your favourite royal?

Justin Burns

Is Prince William your favourite royal?

A poll by a top London college has found Prince William is the most popular member of the royal family.

The Ipsos MORI poll for Kings College saw 1,014 British adults over the age of 18 interviewed by telephone from November 10-13.

People were asked to name the two or three members of the Royal Family they like the most, and the most frequently named was Prince William, with 62 per cent.

The Queen polled 48 per cent, Prince Harry 36 per cent, the Duchess of Cambridge 23 per cent and Prince Charles, 21 per cent.

The Queen also gained a 90 per cent satisfaction rating, higher than ratings of PM David Cameron, 40 per cent and Ed Milliband, 40 per cent.

Roger Mortimore, from Kings College, said the poll showed public support for the Monarchy is as strong as it has been for 'many years'.






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