Woman inspired to shed 10 stone by cerebral palsy sufferers

Woman inspired to shed 10 stone by cerebral palsy sufferers

Justin Burns

Woman inspired to shed 10 stone by cerebral palsy sufferers
Kayleigh Argyle with Vivi Gregory-Osborne

The plight of two children with a severe disability has motivated a 23-stone woman to shed 10 stone in less than eight months.

Kayleigh Argyle, of Foster Avenue, has been challenged by Five Star Health and Fitness Gym in Vale Road to lose 140lbs by July and run a marathon.

She hopes to raise £10,000, which she will split between appeals for Vivi Gregory-Osborne, seven, of York Avenue, Windsor, and Ethan Quinn, seven, of Burnham.

Both suffer from severe forms of cerebral palsy and their families are trying to raise more than £50,000 each to pay for operations and treatment to help them walk unaided.

The 27-year-old said: "It would mean I have achieved something in my life.

"I'm doing it as I have found the two children so inspiring.

"If I can help them by not shovelling food into my mouth then it would be great."

She says at her worst she would eat numerous bags of crisps, biscuits and anything she could get into her mouth 'without people seeing'.

She added: "Everyday is a challenge being this big and it is not nice as everyone judges me when they see me.

"It means you have no self-esteem and confidence."

Before gastric-band surgery in March 2010 she weighed 30 stone, but she says the surgery was a 'disaster' and has made her ill.

She said: "I have been sick 20 times a day and would warn anyone thinking of having the surgery to just lose it naturally."

Kayleigh will be having a gastric by-pass operation to remove the band on December 14, before she starts a new role as a Street Angel in Windsor, looking after night-time revellers.

She has started an intensive gym programme and is on a special diet, which sees her only eat soup, yoghurt and drink milk.

If she loses the 10 stone and raises the £10,000 she says it would 'mean the world' to her and also help the lives of Vivi and Ethan.

Visit www.justgiving.com/kayleigh-dee-argyle to donate.

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