Datchet back to normal two weeks after floods

Datchet back to normal two weeks after floods

Francis Batt

Datchet back to normal two weeks after floods

It has taken almost two weeks for the village of Datchet to get back to normal following last month's torrential rain.

Keith Smith, secretary of Datchet Golf Club in Buccleuch Road, which closed on Wednesday, November 28, revealed it only opened again on Monday this week - nearly two weeks later, after the flood water finally subsided.

The last time the course flooded was in 2003. He said: "It is not so bad this time of year when members don't come because of the weather.

"We have been here since 1890 so I don't think we will be going anywhere yet."

Paul Clark from Kris Cruisers in Southlea Road, which had its yard and office flooded, said it took three days before the water went down.

He said: "We close the business at winter so we did not lose customers but we did lose time needed to do vital maintenance, servicing and repair work on the boats.

"We lost about 200 to 300 manhours over a two-week period as the river rose.

"All the office furniture was floating. Fortunately we are experienced and saved 98 per cent of what was there."

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