John Lennon's tooth comes to town

John Lennon's tooth comes to town

Francis Batt

John Lennon's tooth comes to town

Not every dentist can claim to have handled a real Beatle's tooth.

Sensura Dental Care in St Leonard's Road, Windsor, was one of a select group of surgeries across the country allowed to have John Lennon's tooth for the day, as part of a campaign to highlight Mouth Cancer Action month.

The tooth was delivered and collected by special courier. It is now part of a necklace.

About 15 visitors turned up at Raj Parkash and Gina Flyvholm's surgery to see it and have a quick oral cancer check. All were thrilled to see and in some cases wear the famous tooth that contributed to She Loves You and I Wanna Hold Your Hand.

Fortunately none found they needed treatment.

The tooth was given by John to his housekeeper Dot Jarlett as a souvenir after he had it pulled in the kitchen of his Weybridge home.

He told her to give it to her daughter as a souvenir.

It was bought recently by Canadian dentist Michael Zuk for £19,500 at an auction in Stockport and made part of a necklace.

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