Dumped on New Year's Eve: Cold puppies trapped inside box

Dumped on New Year's Eve: Cold puppies trapped inside box

Francis Batt

Dumped on New Year's Eve: Cold puppies trapped inside box
The pups in their box

Five puppies heartlessly dumped outside a cats and dogs home may have been bred as Christmas presents but failed to sell.

The 12-week-old English Bull Terrier cross puppies were found outside Battersea Dogs and Cats Home’s centre at Priest Hill, Old Windsor, on New Year's Eve.

They were trapped inside a small plastic box, scared and cold.

Centre Manager Kaye Mughal explains: “They were clearly dumped deliberately.

"We’re worried they were bred as Christmas presents by someone looking to make a quick buck but when they failed to sell they were disposed of.

"Dumping animals without food or water near a busy main road could have had disastrous consequences."

Staff named the dogs Midnight, Big Ben, Chimes, Bubbles and Fizz.

The festive period always has an impact on Battersea. Between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day the charity’s three centres received 96 dogs and 52 cats. They included 11 cats and 36 dogs at Battersea Old Windsor, half of which were strays.

Big Ben - much better now

The five puppies will need to stay at Battersea Old Windsor for at least seven days before they can be rehomed.

Kaye said: “They’re all lively, fun-loving pups who will make fantastic additions to good homes.

"Fizz is a confident girl who loves a fuss and Big Ben is her bold brother. Chimes is the most sensitive, while Bubbles is the shy one and follows his affectionate brother Midnight everywhere."

To rehome one of the five puppies, or any other dog or cat from Battersea Old Windsor, phone 01784 494443 or email bow.rehomers@battersea.org.uk

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