Golden Brown, but Stranglers still packing a punk punch

The Stranglers are at Reading Hexagon on Tuesday, March 14

Staff reporter

Staff reporter

Golden Brown, but Stranglers still packing a punk punch

Over-zealous fans that crashed the stage used to get thumped, but these days they get more of a finger wagging says Stranglers guitarist and vocalist Baz Warne.

The 52-year-old was nursing a hangover from the night before as he called from the studio.

Baz laughed: “We haven’t seen each other since Christmas so that’s what happens when you catch up.

“We’ve been planning the tour since October and just started rehearsals again recently.”

Baz said the band had over 40 songs in mind, but it’s only when they get in the studio that they can see what works.

Despite it being a Classic Collection tour, Baz was keen to stress that it isn’t just a nostalgia trip.

“It becomes quite apparent what’s going to work when we get in the studio. We try and please ourselves, but we know there is certain criteria. It’s also a chance to play stuff you may not have heard.”

On the subject of a new album the keen Sunderland fan added: “We’re musicians, we're always looking to write new material, we’ve got a few ideas.”

But Baz preferred performing live to being in the studio.

“We all still feel 21 in the head. When you step out on stage, it’s spine-tingling. That’s why we keep doing it.”

Baz feels the band still have a lot to offer fans, both the younger generation and the ones that have been with them from the start. “We’ve got extremely partisan fans, all the old punks have got families and stuff now. But they help get the younger generation in.

“I like to think our performances are still fresh and vital. I think a lot of new punk bands lack that sort of attitude and authenticity.”

The new tour follows the sell-out success of their Black and White Tour in March last year, and will coincide with the planned re-release of the entire Stranglers studio album catalogue from the period1977-82.

Looking to the upcoming tour Baz added: “It’s a good feeling to know somewhere has sold out, we cant wait to get going now really.”

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