Virtual Run for Ukraine medical supplies

Virtual Run for Ukraine medical supplies

A horse called Carlin Merrydown and a dog from Scotland are just two of the eager entrants in this year’s Burnham Beeches Rotary Club’s Virtual Run.

There are 350 places up for grabs in this third annual ‘online’ event where runners/walkers/cyclists and other ‘have-a-go’ fundraisers design their own challenge whilst donating money towards the Club’s medical equipment mission for Ukraine.

Carlin Merrydown’s rider is part of the South Bucks RDA and will complete a series of rides and the dog from Scotland belongs to former member Fiona De Luca who despite moving is still a loyal Burnham Beeches Rotary Club supporter.

As the event is online anyone from anywhere in the world can enter and Scotland isn’t the farthest competitor location.

Previous participants have been from France, India, Australia and the USA.

Before going online the popular run used to be held ‘in-person’ during the Autumn at Burnham Beeches.

When the pandemic took everyone indoors the 'virtual' element was added and with each event approximately £2-3,000 is raised.

One of the organisers, Claire Popple, commented:  

“We started this Virtual Run during lockdown, in place of our annual Burnham Beeches Run, and it's turned out to be very popular, particularly with families.”

Individuals, teams and families can take part by running, cycling or playing their favourite sport and as the event is ‘on the go’ people can even complete their tasks whilst on holiday.

Each challenge is personal and unique. The only restriction is it must be completed by August 31.

Entry to the Virtual Run is £10 per adult and £5 for each child and animal.

Finishers will receive a special enamel medal upon completion.

It is hoped that, as each person can set their own goals and limits, groups such as Scouts will join in and get adventurous or people of a certain age may have a go at something that suits their level and pace.

“It's the kind of thing that anyone can do to boost their own wellbeing outside and raise money for a good cause,” added Claire.

“Have a little adventure with a purpose, gain your own health benefits while doing something for others who are having their whole world turned upside down.

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