Pageant performers to stay in Windsor Castle's grounds

Pageant performers to stay in Windsor Castle's grounds

Justin Burns

Pageant performers to stay in Windsor Castle's grounds

Entertainers performing at a Windsor's diamond jubilee event will be staying at a portable hotel made out of 45-foot recycled shipping containers.

The Queen has given her backing for 600 people appearing in the Diamond Jubilee Pageant from May 10-13 to stay in the two-tiered Snoozebox in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

The World Comes to Windsor equestrian pageant is a curtain-raiser for the start of Her Majesty's celebrations and involves 500 horses and 800 performers from 17 countries.

Those snoozing inside the portable hotel, above, will include the Cossacks from Russia, Inuits from Canada, Oklahoma cowboys and presidential bodyguards from India, and Huasos from Chile.

Assemblers were due to arrive on site in Windsor Great Park today to make  preparations for the hotel before performers from around the globe arrive on Wednesday.

Pageant director Simon Brooks-Ward said: "Snoozebox was the perfect accommodation solution for this important international event, inside the grounds of Windsor Castle, in luxury en-suite rooms.

"From a transportation and security angle, it was also a huge benefit not to have to move this number of people in and out of the venue every day."

The hotel can be assembled in less than 48 hours and is run by Surrey-based firm Snoozebox who has teamed up with H-Power, organisers of the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

The innovative structure is the brainchild of its chief Robert Breare and guests will have a full made service and complimentary continental breakfast.

Performers will stay in climate-controlled rooms with key cards featuring an en-suite bathroom, flatscreen TV, air-conditioning and Wi-Fi.

Mr Breare came up with the idea while needing the toilet at the 24-hour Le Mans motor event in France.

He said: "It is a great privilege to be part of this flagship diamond jubilee event and we look forward to hosting guests from around the globe and contributing to the success of what will undoubtedly be a magnificent show."

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