Traders warned by police about stock scams

Traders warned by police about stock scams

Justin Burns

Traders warned by police about stock scams
PC Val De Haan

Concerned police have warned traders to be on their guard after a shop owner was ripped off by a con man offering discounted stock.

Officers are urging people to watch out for dodgy dealers after a trader was approached by an Asian man who said he was from a Londis store going into liquidation.

He offered the town centre shop owner, who has not been named, alcoholic spirits and champagne at £10 a litre.

The trader said he would take £500 worth of stock and was led to an ATM by the con man to withdraw the cash which he handed over.

Halfway down the street the scammer told him his sons would load the stock up at the Londis convenience store in Thames Street, but when he got there the shop knew nothing about it.

The con man is described as Asian, aged 40-50, fairly well built, wearing a dark suit, black shirt and a blue and red striped tie.

PC Val De Haan, from the inner Windsor neighbourhood team, urged traders to be vigilant and to watch out for scammers.

He said: "People need to look out as this is a scam that is being tried in Windsor town centre."

PC De Haan added the same offer has been made at two restaurants in Windsor town centre, but bosses refused to take them up.

If you have information call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

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