Who ordered the hagfish?

No Such Thing as a Fish is at Reading Concert Hall on Friday, March 23

Who ordered the hagfish?

Facts will hit you thick and fast in this stage version of the hit podcast from the QI elves.

Creator Andy Hunter Murray told us more.

Where did the idea for No Such Thing as a Fish come from?

We all spend our time researching facts for QI and we found we had far too many interesting facts to fit into a single week’s show. That was four years ago, and we haven’t missed a week since! 

What’s the story behind the name?

It’s what the Nobel Prize-winning scientist Stephen Jay Gould said after a lifetime studying fish. What he meant is that the word ‘fish’ makes no sense to a scientist – the fish in the sea are so distantly related from each other that a salmon is closer in biological terms to a camel than it is to a hagfish. The only place the word ‘fish’ means anything is on a menu. 

Why do you think this has become such a huge success?

I think people love facts, and there’s been a bit of a renaissance for geeky comedy in the last ten years. I think we genuinely sound like people in the pub having a laugh and swapping crazy things we’ve learned. We’ve never tried broadcasting from a pub, but it’s only a matter of time.