Association in Clewer North to expand in Windsor

Association in Clewer North to expand in Windsor

Justin Burns

Association in Clewer North to expand in Windsor

An association in Clewer North is spreading its wings to the rest of West Windsor to represent disgruntled residents fed up with the Conservative-run council.

West Windsor Residents' Association has opened up its membership for the first time to householders in Clewer East and Clewer South.

Chairman John Holdstock announced the expansion move at the association's annual general meeting at Homer First School on Wednesday night.

He said residents in both wards have called to be represented - as say they are fed up with being 'ignored over issues' and the Conservative administration 'never listens to them'.

Association members are now represented on the council by three independent councillors in Clewer North, who have controlled the seats for 30 years.

Mr Holdstock said the ultimate objective is to field independent councillors in both wards at the next election in three years.

He said: "In the last election in May it was clear that the present administration is not listening to the views of the people on a number of issues."

Mr Holdstock said these include the trial run of the pedestrianisation of lower Peascod Street, and moving of a bus stop to Charles Street.

Residents in West Windsor fought vehemently in opposition to the trial, which started yesterday - but to no avail.

He said: "The bus stop is a key issue in West Windsor and has drawn people together in recognising that the administration is not representing them.

"The arrangements that now exist are a great disadvantage particularly to the vulnerable and to mothers with children."

Independent representatives would try to wrestle the Conservative stranglehold in Clewer East and South, where they now occupy three seats.

Cllr Tom Bursnall (UKIP, Clewer East) who left the Conservatives on Wednesday and a leading supporter of the bus stop move, said he will not be 'losing any sleep over it'.

He said: "People unhappy speak from a minority - once this bus stop thing is done it is a 40 second walk, but they are seeing it as an apocalypse.

"We are just trying to keep Windsor as a vibrant town."

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