Councillors approve new boarding house for Eton College

Shay Bottomley
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Briary End and Briary Cottage in Eton Wick Road, Eton

A proposal to construct a new boarding house for students at Eton College was approved by councillors on Wednesday evening.

The 55-bedroom building in Eton Wick Road was given unanimous support from all participants in the meeting, who praised its design and biodiversity net gain benefits.

At the meeting, councillors heard that the proposal would include the demolition of two existing houses, Briary End and Briary Cottage, to make way for the new boarding house, the first for Eton College in more than 50 years.

Conservative ward councillor Samantha Rayner praised the proposal, highlighting its ‘stunning design and economic benefits to the community and the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead’.

She added that the proposals sought a biodiversity net gain of 20 per cent, and recommended approval to councillors at York House.

Cllr Jon Davey (Ind, Clewer and Dedworth West) questioned why there would be no Community Infrastructure Levy on the proposal, to which he was told by planning officers that it was due to the nature of the development and its use as a boarding house for college students.

Furthermore, ward colleague Cllr Wisdom da Costa (West Windsor Residents Association) asked for clarification as to what tests the application, which sits in a Flood Zone 3A, had passed.

In response, planning officer Sian Saadeh said there were two tests.

She added: “There’s a sequential test about where [the applicant] is locating it; if we consider there is nowhere else they can put it – and we accept that in this instance because obviously a boarding house for Eton College needs to be within a reasonable distance of Eton College – so that’s a different scenario to what some other people face in terms of a sequential test.”

She added that the proposal had passed the exceptions test as the development brings ‘wider sustainability benefits’.

The motion to permit the application was approved unanimously.

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