I will continue to work hard for all residents

Preston Brooker

I would like to thank the 1,096 voters who voted for me and Labour in the local election in Kedermister.

I promise to carry on working for the good of all the residents of Kedermister.

I will not have regard to which way they voted in the last election since I represent everyone.

I trust when Sharon O’ Reilly (Express letters, May 18) refers to councillors who do nothing she is not talking about me. Anyone is free to see my attendance at council meetings on the council website – it is 100 per cent.

Also  I have done nearly 150 items of casework in the last 13 months and this makes me one of the hardest working councillors.

As for giving to charity, I do give to charity monthly but as a Christian I follow the guidance in the Bible, Matthew, Chapter 6, Verse 2 – ‘so when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets’.

Preston Brooker

Labour councillor for Kedermister

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