Fried chicken brand from popular YouTubers launches in Slough

Fried chicken brand from popular YouTubers launches in Slough

A new fried chicken brand founded by a popular YouTube group has launched in Slough. 

The town is the first to launch outside London as the brand - developed by famous collective The Sidemen - forges ahead with its growth plans. 

Sides is available for delivery only and sold exclusively via major food delivery platforms UberEats and Deliveroo.

The Sides menu allows customers to choose their protein (chicken or plant based) in either a ‘sando’, slider, or salad - or to be loaded with the choice of seven different flavours.

Customers also select an accompanying side such as waffle fries, macaroni cheese bites, side slaw, onion rings and cheese poppers.

Sides is currently available to order in Slough, and across London and the UAE, with 200 sites set to open globally by the end of 2022.

Vik Barn, of The Sidemen, said: “As huge fans of fried chicken, we’re excited to launch our first delivery location outside London and bring Sides to the people of Slough as we continue to expand rapidly throughout the UK and beyond.”

Sides is part of Virtual Hero - a subsidiary of Hero Brands, the company behind the chain German Doner Kebab, Choppaluna, Island Poké, and XiX vodka, a further Sidemen brand. 

Virtual Hero CEO Robin Mehta said: “With the pandemic escalating the rise of delivery only brands you can see dark kitchens exploding across the globe.

"We’re excited to bring Sides to Slough and give consumers a new and delicious food experience to try as we ramp up our expansion.”