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How to protect your home this winter - police issue advice following rise in burglaries

Grace Witherden

How to protect your home this winter - police issue advice following rise in burglaries

Leaving a light on, locking tools away and installing a CCTV system are some of the measures residents can take to protect their homes during the winter, according to Thames Valley Police.

Police have issued burglary crime prevention advice following a rise in residential burglaries between September last year and August.

Head of Force Intelligence and Special Operations at Thames Valley Police, Detective Chief Superintendent Richard List said the rise of three per cent is due to a number of ‘complex factors’ and homeowners are advised to take a ‘proactive approach’.

Advice includes moving bins away from any side gates to prevent easy access to your property and making sure valuables or cash are not left on display. Car keys should be kept away from your letter box.

A motion activated external light could also be used to deter criminals and marking any valuables with a UV pen and registering them at www.immobilise.com.

Det. Chief Supt. List said: “As well as taking physical precautions, you should also take steps to protect your property online. Do not advertise on social media when you are away from home and remember to regularly change your internet router password.”

Thames Valley Police is holding a burglary question and answer forum on Thursday, October 11 between 7.30-9pm.

Residents will have the chance to learn about crime prevention techniques.


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  • liamvad

    13:01, 12 October 2018

    Sadly the police in Slough are useless,drug dealers openly do their business in broad daylight,knowing no police will come out,even after we report it,I never see a policeman on the beat where I live,yet we pay for them in our national and local taxes.Terrible.



  • Stranger

    13:01, 06 October 2018

    In translation, this means that the police are on strike, and won't investigate burglaries because they believe that more "important" things, like enforcing Twitter rules, or escorting VIPs, are a better use of their resources. Crimes committed against plebs don't matter: the police are there to protect the real "haves" from the "have-nots", not to find out who stole your laptop, wallet, TV, jewellery, etc. We already knew that. But here's something new for the readers: YOU are the problem the police is there to contain. Slough residents are riff-raff, having a new car on some credit/PCP deal or a new TV on some credit/PCP deal doesn't change your status. YOU are the problem and the solution is your containment, aka the town of Slough. You won't get to Ascot or Camberley on your bicycle. Fight it out among yourselves, like the daily scene in the town centre. All is going well! This comment should help make sense of the rather cryptic article and police announcement.



  • Honestjim

    10:10, 06 October 2018

    Why is modern policing solely about us preventing crime rather than them actually catching anyone. When presented with evidence, video of crimes taking place they do nothing. No officer attends a crime scene. They claim it’s down to funding. Not entirely true, some of the modern policing strategy is down to instructions from the PCC about how to manage police work. No bobbies on the beat, just cops in cars driving from the station to the scene of the crime and then back to the station. No local involvement whatsoever.



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