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AS IT HAPPENED: Royal Borough local election results 2019

Reporting team

Reporting team
LIVE: Royal Borough local election results 2019

Good evening and welcome to our live blog of the 2019 Royal Borough Local Election results.

Our reporting team will be working throughout the night at the Magnet Leisure Centre count to bring you all of the 41 results. The first ballot box is expected to arrive at 10.30pm and the first results are expected between 1 and 2am.

Editor James Preston and group news editor Grace Witherden are here with chief reporter Will Taylor, senior reporter David Lee and reporter Amy Horsfield.

Our photographer Ian Longthorne is also going to illustrate the blog with his pics throughout the night.


So this is the final make-up of the council. Slim majority for the Conservatives, big gains for the Lib Dems and some strong independent victories. We'll have more reaction online soon but that's it for this blog. We're off to bed.

Con - 23

TBF -3



Lib Dem -9



A final result!


Bruce Adams, Lib Dem - 608

Bill Black, Lib Dem - 536

Colin Greenfield, Lab - 143

Phil Haseler, Con - 1223

Robert Horner, Lab - 174

David Marks, TBF - 506

Ross McWilliams, Con - 1219


Told you it was a late surge. Established councillors Natasha Airey and Dee Quick go.

Con - 21

TBF -3



Lib Dem -9




Natasha Airey, Con - 753

Karen Davies, Lib Dem - 794

Patrick Green, Lab - 154

Stephen McGowan, Lab - 121

Fintan McKeown, Green - 245

Dee Quick, Con - - 736

Amy Tisi, Lib Dem - 814


Late surge for the Lib Dems. They take two more seats and will finish second tonight.



Louise Clarke, Lab - 156

Catherine del Campo, Lib Dem - 1177

Tom Easten, TBF - 406

Edmund Holliday, UKIP - 152

Mohammed Ilyas, Con - 543

Clive Lattimer, Lab - 102

Joshua Reynolds, Lib Dem - 1019

Hari Sharma, Ind - 570

Derek Sharp, Con - 632


Conservatives take a majority.

Con - 21

TBF -3



Lib Dem -5




Marios Alexandrou, Lab - 222

Oliver Baldwin, Lib Dem - 473

Adam Bermange, Lib Dem - 483

Gurpreet Bhangra, Con - 981

Nasreen Brittain, TBF - 353

Stuart Carroll, Con - 1076

Andrew Hill, TBF - 430

Graham Lee, Lab -148

5.19am: Two more Lib Dems are elected. Conservatives still haven't got a majority at this stage.

Con - 19

TBF -3



Lib Dem -5




John Baldwin, Lib Dem - 838

Simon Bond, Lib Dem - 959

Richard Hemmings, TBF - 649

Patricia Lattimer, Lab - 265

Philip Love, Con - 627

Marion Mills, Con - 589

Ian Smith, Lab - 216


Con - 19

TBF -3



Lib Dem -3



Perhaps the biggest shock of the night so far as deputy leader Phill Bicknell loses his seat, along with fellow Tory Michael Airey. Big, big win for the independents.



Michael Airey, Con - 640

Phillip Bicknell, Con - 645

Laura Binnie, Lab - 210

Carole Da Costa, WWRA - 725

Helen Price, TBF - 762

Daniel Wall, Lab - 182

Mark Wilson, Lib Dem - 216

4.29am: We have parish council results coming through now. We'll publish the results for these in the morning.

4.28am: John Story, elected for Ascot and Sunninghill, said: “I’d like to thank those who voted for me and I’m looking forward to working with residents over the next four years.”


Con - 19

TBF -2



Lib Dem -3


4.25am: Two Conservatives elected and Ewan Larcombe from the National Flood Prevention Party claims a big victory.



David Buckley, TBF - 633

David Cannon, Con - 1117

Gareth Jones, Lib Dem - 218

Ewan Larcombe, National Flood Prevention Party - 998

Margaret Lenton, TBF - 751

Rushi Millns, Con - 745

Gary Muir, Con - 903

Linda O’Flynn, Lib Dem - 288

Tim O’Flynn, Lib Dem - 265

Mark Olney, Lab - 266

Jennifer Ward, Lab - 271

Peter Ward, Lab - 206


Conservatives now have 17 elected councillors. They need 21 for overall control.

Con - 17

TBF -2



Lib Dem -3

4.16am: Six out of six for the Tories in the past two wards. Edging closer to the majority.



John Bowden, Con - 1319

Angus Cameron, Lab - 370

Devon Davies, Lib Dem - 738

George Fussey, Lib Dem - 818

Riccardo Ludovici, Lab - 372

Keith Owen, TBF - 609

Samantha Rayner, Con - 1457

Peter Shearman, Lab - 398

Shamsul Shelim, Con - 1065

Julian Tisi, Lib Dem 645


Con - 14

TBF -2



Lib Dem -3


Triple victory for the Conservatives there in one of the few wards with three seats.



Tamasin Barnbrook, Lib Dem - 594

Aaron Chahal, Lib Dem - 486

David Hilton, Con - 1446

Spike Humphrey, Lab - 372

Adam Jezard, Ind - 549

Jonathan Pope, Lib Dem - 450

Julian Sharpe, Con - 1372

Ian Steers, Lab - 321

John Story, Con - 1355

Margery Thorogood, Lab - 228


10 wards down, nine to go.

There are now more non-Conservative councillors (nine) than there were in the previous council (eight).


Con - 11

TBF -2



Lib Dem -3

4.01am: The Lib Dems take Pinkneys Green. Simon Werner is re-elected and Clive Baskerville is elected. Marius Gilmore and Charles Hollingswoth lose their seats.



Clive Baskerville, Lib Dem - 1326

Jane Collisson, Lab - 131

Marius Gilmore, Con - 799

Charles Hollingsworth, TBF - 491

Richard Pope, Con - 693

Nigel Smith, Lab - 90

Simon Werner, Lib Dem - 1507

3.44am: Bit of a pause.

Newly-elected Lib Dem councillor for Bisham and Cookham Mandy Brar said she was very pleased but disappointed for her colleague who missed out. She described it as 'epic'.

3.34am: Some photos from Ian Longthorne.

3.30am: Re-elected Leo Walters said: “I’m very grateful for being voted as the councillor for Bray.

“I’ll do my best to protect the greenbelt and look after the area as best as I can.”

3.24am: Jon Davey, of West Windsor Residents Association, said: "It's looking very 50/50 at the moment, which is beautiful because Simon Dudley can't just do what he wants with all his 'yes men'.

"If he wants everything for Maidenhead, then he's going to have to make compromises Windsor way."

3.23am: More turnouts:

Belmont - 43.15 per cent

Furze Platt - 44.23 per cent

3.22am: Conservatives David Coppinger and Leo Walters retain their seats.

Con - 11

TBF -2



Lib Dem -1



Robert Acker, Lib Dem - 225

Sheila Adams, Lib Dem - 368

David Coppinger, Con - 1039

Andrew Foakes, Lab - 149

Lee Page, TBF - 573

Peter Targett, Lab - 152

Leo Walters, Con - 991

3.17am: Bray next.

3.09am: A first Lib Dem of the night is elected. Mandy Brar takes Bisham and Cookham along with Conservative Gerry Clark.



Mandy Brar, Lib Dem - 1321

Gerry Clark, Con - 963

Geoff Cutting, Lab - 54

Mark Howard, Lib Dem - 952

Alexander McKendrick, Lab - 106

Chris Moss, Green - 272

Bill Perry, Con - 885

2.59am: So far:

Con - 8

TBF - 2



2.58am: Big win for West Windsor Residents Association. Serving Conservatives Malcolm Alexander and Ed Wilson both miss out.



Malcolm Alexander, Con - 811

Wisdom Da Costa, WWRA - 1067

Jon Davey, WWRA - 941

Deborah Foster, Lab - 164

Ed Wilson, Con - 885

Joe Young, Lab - 150

2.54am: Gurch Singh, who has been elected for St Mary's, said: “I’m really pleased and feel honoured and privileged.

“I work hard to represent the residents and want to do them proud.”

2.51am: New St Mary's councillor Donna Stimson said: “I worked really hard and I’m really excited.

“This ward is the heart of Maidenhead. I’ve lived here for 25 year and watched it deteriorate but now it’s coming back.

“I want us to be conscious of helping the environment and be more sustainable.

“Every new building should have an element of sustainability.”


Simon Dudley said: "I want to thank all the residents who voted for me and work harder for those who didn't.

"I was concerned I wouldn't get back in because the delivery of the regeneration project is so complex but people have my absolute commitment I will see this through."

Regarding social media he said: "You have to have a thick skin in politics but I love it. I love campaigning.

On Claire Stretton he said: "Claire ran a good campaign, but she lost."

2.44am: Tory veteran Derek Wilson lost his Oldfield seat today.

He congratulated the victorious Borough First candidates.

When asked if the Vicus Way row played a part in his defeat, he said: "It probably has, I'm not going to say it hasn't."

2.41am: Claire Stretton said: "I'm clearly disappointed. The problem really is there are just so many non Conservatives all standing."

She added: "For a party that started seven months ago that was pretty close."

Commenting on The Borough First future she pointed out that two candidates have already been elected and said: "I do not know quite yet where we go from here."

2.37am: Council leader Simon Dudley retains his seat. The Borough First leader Claire Stretton loses out to Conservative Christopher Targowski.

That was a close one. 



Sharon Bunce, Lab - 182

Rob Castell, Lib Dem - 476

Simon Dudley, Con - 851

Mick Jarvis, TBF - 600

David Knowles-Leak, Lab - 168

Craig McDermott, Green - 215

Kashmir Singh, Lib Dem - 450

Claire Stretton, TBF - 678

Christopher Targowski, Con - 777

2.33am: Riverside next. Big ward.

2.32am: Newly-elected Neil Knowles, of the Old Windsor Residents Association, said: “It’s taken a lot of work as we needed to introduce ourselves voters without ignoring our old voters.

“I’m the new boy so it’s a huge honour.” 

2.31am: Maureen Hunt is re-elected for the Conservatives. Andrew Johnson is elected for the same party.

So far we have six Conservatives, two TBF and two OWRA on the council



Hasrat Ali, TBF - 273

Maureen Hunt, Con - 1,033

John Iles, Lib Dem - 325

Andrew Johnson, Con - 822

Patrick McDonald, Lab - 172

Jessica Pocock, Lab - 109

Jenny Werner, Lib Dem - 297

2.27am: Conservatives Christine Bateson and Sayonara Luxton are both elected back onto the council.



Christine Bateson, Con - 946

Alison Carpenter, Lab - 86

Mariano Julia, Lib Dem - 242

Sonya Lippold, Lib Dem - 283

Sayonara Luxton, Con - 857

Valerie Pike, TBF - 572

2.23am: Sunningdale and Cheapside next

2.22am: Re-elected Geoff Hill said: "I have to be honest I’m in a shock because it was so close it could have gone either way. I’m so delighted for Helen as a first time candidate.

Helen Taylor only decided to stand in January after the Vicus Way decision made at the council.

She said: “we need people on the ground who know what’s going on.

“If you have a passion then stand. If you have a passion you can do anything.”

2.18am: First Tories are elected. Gurch Singh and Donna Stimson are both elected for the newly-formed ward of St Mary's. They are both new councillors.



Thomas Baker, Lab - 197

John Barron, Green - 186

Jacob Cotterill, Lab - 168

Helen Craggs, Lib Dem - 380

Andrew Hickley, Lib Dem - 274

Derek Philip-Xu, TBF - 232

Gurch Singh, Con - 604

Donna Stimson, Con - 624

Richard Wawman, TBF - 233


Tory Derek Wilson loses his seat. The Borough First gain one seat for Helen Taylor and Geoff Hill retains his.



Tony Baker, Lab - 200

Anna Bermange, Lib Dem - 223

Geoffrey Hill, TBF - 738

Rory Nosworthy, Lab - 168

George Shaw, Lib Dem - 185

Helen Taylor, TBF - 671

Joel Wheeler, Con - 507

Derek Wilson, Con - 573

1.55am: The Old Windsor Residents Association keeps its two seats in Old Windsor. Lynne Jones retains hers while Neil Knowles is elected, replacing the retiring Malcolm Beer.

Oldfield next up.



Arlene Carson, Con - 544

Lynne Jones, OWRA - 1,619

Neil Knowles, OWRA - 1,408

Yvonne Olney, Lab - 159

Roy Reeves, Lab - 164

Amit Verma, Con - 352

1.51am: Old Windsor coming up

1.43am: Here is a quick key for party names when the results come in.

Con - Conservative, TBF - The Borough First, Lab - Labour, Lib Dem - Liberal Democrats, OWRA - Old Windsor Residents Association, WWRA - West Windsor Residents Association, UKIP - United Kingdom Independence Party, Ind - Independent



1.36am: Looks like Old Windsor will be our first result.

1.26am: We are still waiting...

1.04am: We were told to expect the first results from about 1am. No sign yet but watch this space.


0.48am: Looking at our traffic, it seems a fair few of you are staying with us for the long haul. On a school night too. Good effort.

0.43am: I don't think we'll get the rest of turnouts for a little while. Counting for final five still ongoing.

0.40am: Eton and Castle: 34.87 per cent

0.34am: Bisham and Cookham: 45.42 per cent


0.30am: Bray: 33.85 per cent

0.26am: Ascot and Sunninghill: 31.61 per cent

0.25am: Old Windsor: 39.73 per cent

0.19am: Clewer and Dedworth East: 34.09 per cent


When asked if there will be a Conservative majority tonight Cllr Leo Walters, he said 'who knows?' 

He said there has been a real mix of candidates this year so voters have had more choice. He said because there will be fewer councillors elected tonight it will mean more work if elected but he’s up for the task.


Clive Baskerville - Lib Dem, Pinkneys Green:

“The response we received from doorstep campaigning was positive so the general feeling is not too bad.”

“We’re particularly hopeful for the Belmont, Furze Platt and Cookham wards.

“Borough First standing adds something different to the mix.

00.12am: Sunningdale and Cheapside: 35.36 per cent

Hurley and Walthams: 34.08 per cent

Seems likely most wards won't go past 40 per cent.

00.09am: Clewer and Dedworth West: 38.38 per cent

00.07am: Pinkneys Green races into the lead with 47.89 per cent. That's much better, even if we are yet to crack at 50 per cent turnout.

00.06am: Oldfield: 33.92 per cent

00.05am: Datchet, Horton and Wraysbury: 30.60 per cent.

00.02am: St Mary's: 32.65 per cent.

This is pretty low.

00.01am: We have the first turnout, for the Riverside ward.

41.43 per cent

23.58pm: Here's an Ian Longthorne photo of the 'Lib Dem baby', as Sebastian has now been dubbed.

23.55pm: John Baldwin, Liberal Democrat candidate for Belmont, said: “I feel it’s been our strongest campaign in years. We’ve had lots of new recruits that’s brought fresh energy to the team and we’re hoping to reap the rewards.

“However, a low turnout always randomises the results.

“I’m interested to see how this will impact other parties. The Conservatives have enjoyed a huge majority for too long.

“I’m expecting the Furze Platt ward to be desperately close.

“I predict the Royal Borough will lose some long-standing candidates tonight.”

23.47pm: We could start to hear some turnouts fairly soon. Then we'll know if the rumours are true...


23.45pm: Council leader Simon Dudley has wandered over to the press pen. Will Taylor is talking to him now.


23:34pm: Turnout has been a topic a few candidates have been discussing this evening.

Labour candidate David Knowles-Leak said: "I think it's been a very low turnout - I think it has been about 25 per cent."

He said if elected there are actions the party would take straight away which include reviewing developer contracts and looking at what financial obligations the council have. 

Old Windsor candidate Neil Knowles believes some residents may have had issues with the location of some polling stations across the borough - and this could have contributed to a low turnout.

23.27pm: We haven't seen many Tories up until now. Will Taylor has just had a chat with Derek Wilson.

22.24pm: Labour's Pat McDonald points to Brexit-related apathy as a possible reason for the poor turnout.

22.22pm: Told you a baby was here.

22.20pm: Quite a few candidates are coming over to say hello to the press pen now. 

23.18pm: Lib Dems Julian and Amy Tisi have arrived with their baby. Both are standing for election. The baby isn't.

23.16pm: Counting in action.


23.06pm: Grace Witherden chatting to David Knowles-Leak, chairman of Maidenhead Labour Party and standing in the hotly-contested Riverside ward.

That's the ward of Royal Borough leader Simon Dudley. Another leader, Claire Stretton is also standing there. Should be an interesting one...

23.02pm: The last of the ballot boxes have now arrived.

22.56pm: Cllr Stretton said: "The turnout appears to have been really low, but we don't know.

"We have been getting a really good response on the doorstep."

She added: "I would not say I feel confident."

22.55pm: Chief reporter Will Taylor is chatting to The Borough First leader Claire Stretton. We'll share her thoughts in a moment.

22.52pm: While we wait, here are some photos of the first ballot boxes, courtesy of photographer Ian Longthorne.

22.41pm: At least we are well catered for. Many thanks to the Royal Borough comms team.

22.25pm: I'm not going to lie, after the initial excitement of the first ballot boxes it has all gone a bit quiet.

A few candidates should start sharing their thoughts soon.

I hope.

22.19pm: A bit of a cagey start...

22.15pm: We've been told to expect the first results at about 1am, but that could be sooner if the turnouts are as low as we've heard.

It's all expected to finish by 5-6am apparently.

I doubt it will be that late.

22.12pm: The first ballot box has already arrived. We weren't expecting them until 10.30pm.

They're dead speedy at 4 Marlow Road, but they haven't had to come far to get to the count at the Magnet.

22.08pm: Could we be set for a low turnout?

21.49pm: Hello everyone and welcome to the Advertiser and Express' coverage of the local elections in the Royal Borough.

It's going to be a long night but we'll be here with you throughout with all the results as they come in and reaction from the candidates.

There are just 10 minutes left until the polls close!

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