Career progress main reason for employees leaving Royal Borough

Councillors lock horns over future of Maidenhead Town Hall

A total of 41 employees left the Royal Borough due to concerns over career development, figures have revealed.

A corporate overview and scrutiny panel on Monday heard about the borough’s workforce data, including the levels of people joining and leaving the authority.

The 2021/22 financial year saw a total of 132 starters, up from 55 in 2020/21, while there were 120 leavers, also up by 27 on 2020/21 levels.

The top three reasons for leaving in 2021/22 were career development (34 per cent), other reasons ‘not defined’ (22.57 per cent) and work life balance (7.5 per cent).

Figures revealed that as of March, 43 per cent of employees have been with the council for more than 10 years.

Meanwhile, more than half (56 per cent) of staff have been working for more than four years.

Women make up the majority of the council’s workforce (58.8 per cent), which is slightly down from 61.5 per cent in 2020/21.

The total headcount of the council is 553, with four employees holding more than one role within their directorate.

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