Campaigners 'incredibly disappointed' after BLP legal challenge refused

Shay Bottomley
Campaigners 'incredibly disappointed' after BLP legal challenge refused

Campaigners at a protest outside the town hall on the night of the BLP's adoption

A campaign group which launched a legal bid against the Borough Local Plan said it is 'incredibly disappointed' after the High Court refused the challenge against the Royal Borough.

In a statement, the Maidenhead Great Park campaign, which lodged the legal challenge against the BLP, confirmed that a judge ‘decided that due to the clerical error the case cannot proceed’.

Last month, it was reported the BLP was awaiting a decision by the High Court following a technical error in serving the correct documentation on time.

Although the papers were not served within the six-week deadline following adoption of the Plan, MGP’s lawyers argued that the challenge had at least been ‘lodged’ within the time limit, and a judge could decide whether to hear the case.

However, in a statement on Monday (July 25), the campaign confirmed that the case would not be heard.

MGP have now submitted a request for a renewal hearing to the High Court. It has been confirmed that the group has the right to such a hearing, allowing them to make its case as to why the legal challenge should proceed.

In a statement, MGP said it was ‘incredibly disappointed’ following the news.

It added: “On the advice of our legal team, we submitted a request for a renewal hearing to the High Court. It has now been confirmed that we do have the right to a renewal hearing, which will allow our arguments to be re-examined in open court. 

“There we aim to demonstrate that the full merits of our case must be heard in a statutory review hearing.

“We cannot know at this stage when the renewal hearing will take place, or whether it will be successful, but we will continue to explore every avenue open to us to get the merits of this BLP legal challenge heard.

“We would like to thank everyone who has supported this ongoing legal challenge.

“Over 500 people have so far donated towards our work to protect greenspace and woodlands in our community.  

“The number of people supporting our campaign is an important factor in helping to demonstrate the public interest in this case, and that the clerical error, through no fault of our own, should not prevent our community from engaging in their statutory right for the BLP to be further scrutinised.

“We will continue to campaign for the protection of greenspace in our community, for the benefit of both people and wildlife.”

To find out more about our campaign, go to 

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